transphobes and racists get reported consistently over the span of months. yet most of them remain active and safe enough to build a community on here. goSupermodel should have set the tone by kicking those kind of people off in the beginning, but they have chosen to back them. and now they claim to be a safe space for marginalized communities? you can suck my dïck from the back









if you want to know who i am referencing definitly dont send me a mail!! *wink*


no but seriously this is a big issue. i am not just talking about a few people who live under a rock and mistakingly used wrong wording on the first trans person they've ever met. i am talking about people who know what they are doing. i am talking about people who comment little gsm eyes in topics about POC or queer stuff, just so everyone there knows they're watching. i am talking about people who go out of their way to tell marginalized people that they're wrong, weird and bad. and i'm talking about people that dont take oppression faced by marginalized groups seriously. i'm not being loose with this