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sleeper ✿ moon ᡣ𐭩 annuntiate ✮ styled by browse, no worries I'm getting paid to wear this
  1. I joined the team on the 9th of August through applying when there were open applications. I am in ''charge'' of the forum sections: Buy, sell, and trade, 18+ and Competitions and games, alongside a few other moderators. Besides that we answer questions, moderator topics and answer the ModBox. However, I am also always here if you need to chat, need help or simply just want to vent about your day. I try and respond ASAP, but sometimes it can take a day or two.
  1. I've made a lot of wonderful friends since gSm's relaunch, which I am incredibly grateful for. Some honorable mentions: Sleeper, Moon, aNewA, Annuntiate, Chalcedony, Aeneid, Alinka, Xenius, Sherb, Cinnamon, Zafi, Anax, Re-Rau, Tyskie, xTomxBillxKaulitzx, pee smell, Ro, isaiah, 3leonora, KjellFiskesprell, Adorn, Seelie, Zinnia, Vanessa, Browse, GenZ, Ada M, Adored, dunia and all the people I've forgotten to mention right now. Leave a message in my guestbook if you want to!<3
Hi there! Welcome to my profile. I am happy to be back on gSm after such a long time! You can call me Snow or Snowy, I am a Dutch girl who's in her twenties. In my daily life I work as a teacher, but on gSm I like to be active on the FMB, talk in topics, dress up my model and play WC. In real life I love singing, hanging out with friends and going on trips. After gSm closed down I became a moderator on Momio. Helping people makes me feel happy which is why you, besides being a moderator, can also find me on the unofficial gSm Discord! So, if you ever need help or want to chat feel free to hit me up here or there.