Call me Lazu. Pronouns are they/them. (Please don't call me 'girl'.)

I live in Denmark, have a black cat, and read a whole bunch. (Be it manga, Visual Novels, books or light novels.)


I'm sure I'll write a better profile text later, so for now I'll just try to cover the basics.


I'm always up for a chat, so please feel free to send me a goMessage. Extra points if we have interests in common to talk about!


And about said interests. At the moment I'm mostly into:

Otome games

Twisted Wonderland


Reading and collecting books (Because yes, they are two different hobbies xD)


I also really enjoy coffee, but my stomach hates me at the moment, so I'm currently a tea drinker :')


I also like to write, but am currently under a terrible curse known as "Writer's block" and haven't been writing much lately, to my eternal frustation.


In regards to writing, I mostly like to write Visual Novels, where I both write, direct and code. Art is something I just can't do for the life of me... xD Artists are seriously amazing.


For now I think that's fine? Well, on a last note. I do not search for 'friends' just to have them around on my friendlist, but I DO search for actual friends that I like talking to (And like talking to me, lol), so if any of my profile hit a chord with you, please write me and let's see what happens! :3





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