Under construction 


Hello world. I'm Luf, an old gSm'er who created her first model back in 2008. I've been a collector of rare clothing, warderobe challenge player and a Junior Designer. Now I'm doing IT related studies, like consultancy and programming. I'm still designing and I'm hoping some of my designs can be used for goSupermodel again. You know, so that I can wear them myself of course. No, I've always loved designing for gSm and missed it so much after I quit in 2015. After that I drew hundreds of fashion drawings, also while studying fashion. Gosupermodel inspired me to chase my fashion dreams, but at the end of the day I left the fashion world. I still make my own clothes now and then and I'm happy to have some motivation to start drawing again! There are tons of talented people here, so I'm sure we'll get incredible items and I'm looking forward to that.


My interests are:

- Anything creative (like sewing, drawing, designing, writing, making websites..) 

- Philosophy 

- Spirituality 


I love:

- Spending time at a cafe

- Watching/ reading romance stuffs (BL and fantasy are my favourites)

- Social events, meeting new people

- Studying (as long as it isn't in class, I feel pressure to perform in a group) 

- Sitting/walking in the sun

- Traveling/ visiting new places

- Trying out new food

- c-cktails



Other things:

- I'm researching about giftedness

- I'm always open for design collabs, competitions or joining collections