I'm Julia, 23 years old from Sweden. You can call me Julia, Julie or yoserei. You might know me from the

gSm discord or as Cashi on swedish gSm where I

was part of the focus group until the site closed.

I'm a proud science nerd and I love everything
science related. I'm currently trying to get into

med school and my biggest dream is to become a

Want to get to know me?
My inbox is always open for chats! <3




I love to workout (both weightlifting and
calisthenics), travel, watch TV-shows,
spend time with people I love and learn
new abilities (I speak swedish, english,
spanish and a tiny bit of italian).

Other interestes I have are playing
League of Legends, fashion, makeup,
plants and getting tattooed.

TV-shows I love are Twin Peaks,
The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad,
Archive 81, Sherlock, Supernatural,
Friends, Superstore, RuPauls Drag Race
and many more! 

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