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I'm a queer lad from Finland. I study biology as my major but also psychology and IT as my minor subjects. In my free time I like to bake and cook, play video games and DnD! I play in two campaigns and DM one . I also draw digitally, I especially like designing characters <3


Here I like to hang out in different forums and make outfits. I'm also active on my FMB chatting with friends.

If you share any interests or want to chat, I'm open for messages <3


Nature: Bears ∣ Wolverines ∣ Bugs ∣ Moss ∣ Lichen ∣ Cryptids ∣


Video Games: Overwatch ∣ RDR2 ∣ Dragon Age ∣ Disco Elysium Skyrim ∣ Sims 4 ∣ Stardew Valley ∣ Animal Crossing ∣ Night In The Woods ∣ Assassin's Creed ∣


TV, movies and streamers: The Iron Giant ∣ Annihilation ∣ Our Flag Means Death ∣ What We Do In The Shadows ∣ The Owl House ∣ Over The Garden Wall ∣ Drawfee ∣ Secret Sleepover Society ∣