I'm Quimsi, a 22 year old norwegian living in Sweden. Back in the old gSm days I used to be LoovelyMe on the swedish server. You'll never guess how embarrased I am over that name today lmao.


Anyways, besides being addicted to gSm I also really enjoy gaming. I even have a Last of Us inspired tattoo! Graphic design is also one of my bigger hobbies although I've never studied it. But the thought of becoming one have crossed my mind.




Feel free to send me a friend request, I always like to get new friends here. But please,

no empty ones!



Your Dad

Sometimes I do custom profiles and model drawings, like the one I'm displaying on my profile.


I'm pretty on and off with it though so I don't always have the motivation to do any comissions. But send me a DM anyway if you're interested!