hello ! 

i am inheaven, u can also call me kaya (no one does, but u can ! :p)

i am 24 years old old and i've been working as a graphic designer for a year now. apparently everyone hates indesign but i think it's so fun >.<


i love listening to music the most and i listen to all sorts of genres !

most of the time i'm listening to kpop (gfriend, seventeen, twice, stayc enhypen, newjeans etc) but i'm also very much into some emo bands that i've been listeng to for years!! my chemical romance are my absolute faves (probably my fave artist EVER) but i also love pierce the veil, all time low, bring me the horizon and more) 


another kind of niche interest of mine is visual kei; not only do i love the music but i also love the aesthetic of the outfits and makeup !


last but not least i am obsessed with ru paul's drag race >.< unfortunately i can't say i've watched every season but i did watch all the english speaking seasons + ducth seasons and all stars ! i tend to gravitate towards the kind of weird and creative queens like crystal methyd, pythia and charity kase !


in my free time i like to read (occasionally) and play games. i'm kind of picky and get bored of games really quickly but i mostly play genshin impact, dave the diver and house flipper (kind of silly games i know lol)


other things i like are: junji ito, monster energy, studio ghibli, kdramas, bubble tea, spring time, collecting cd's and vinyls, true crime, capybaras, sanrio and cats


i'm always open for a chat especially if we have a mutual interest so don't be afraid to send me me a message !

and if u read all of this here's a

kiss x