Hello! Welcome to the profile of Syperius, a self-proclaimed geek and a soft bean. Behind the screen hides a 24-year-old woman from Finland who is a part-time nurse and a full-time dreamer.


Hobbies include; Dungeons and Dragons, cosplay, roleplay, gaming, drawing (both traditional and digital art), airsoft, knitting and baking. I am also a moderator on the unofficial GSM Discord server.


My journey on GSM began 2007 all the way through to 2016 when the site closed down. I remember watching the countdown on the yellow note  I am so happy to be back! My model used to be Lily Jane.


On GoSupermodel I like to chat on forums, roleplay, grind and collect uniques.


If you play Dead by Daylight, message me! I'd like to play with someone. I main survivors.

Capricorn | INFJ | Hufflepuff | Team Instinct | 1999


Favourite colour: Green

Favourite animal: Fox