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• Be kind to other people, That makes the world a bit more beautifull. •


Hi, my name is Charella and welcome to my profile. I live in the Netherlands ' born and raised '. I am 25 years old. Just a little bit about myself so that you get to know me a little bit. I love to travel a lot. Furthermore, I am very much into the adventurous things. For example, I have already jumped out of a plane and I have parasailed in Tenerife. This was really quite an experience. Furthermore, I occasionally like a glass of wine and preferably on a terrace. I also love to travel a lot and I love make-up & fashion. I used to be on Gosupermodel for a long time so I'm completely happy that it's back!

Don't be afraid to message me or send me a friend request. I always say but the more souls the more joy. Can't wait to speak to you all. And be yourself then you are the most fun! Love, Charella.