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Hello there and welcome to my profile! My name is Natasha (she/her) and I am a 27 year old Dutchie. I live in an apartment in Amsterdam with my two cats, Teddy and Beer (= Bear in Dutch ). I work as a researcher at a research institute and as a side job I do pet sitting.  Before I started working I studied Economics at the University of Groningen. 



~ cats ~ laughing ~ bullet journaling ~ watching TV shows/series ~ playing board/card games ~ meeting up with friends and family ~ playing computer games ~ shopping ~ nostalgia ~ gSm (of course!)



~ Reality TV show: The Bachelor(ette)

~ TV series: Once Upon a Time

~ Movie: Cinderella (2015)

~ Computer game: Overcooked

~ Card game: Skull King/Wizard

~ Board game: Ticket to Ride

~ App: Vinted

~ Color: lilac/pastels

~ Food: pancakes

~ Season: spring

~ Beverage: fresh orange juice

(let me know what I can add more haha)






~ Sketzmo Pros issue 1




All moderator-related inquiries should be sent to the moderator inbox. You can find it by clicking 'Help' on the top of your screen, then click 'Support' and then click 'Get help from the moderators'. 


I work four days a week (Mo-Thu) throughout the day. I will probably be online, but most likely I will not be able to work on moderator-related inquiries throughout these times. 



~ Please don't send an empty friend request. 

~ I am always open to play Sketzmo, though I am not good at drawing.

~ I am very, very bad at answering my mail. Sorry in advance.