Very warm welcome to my own profile! 

 I am Lisa 46 and I am extremly happy to be back on goSuperModel! I created my first model here back in 2008 on the Swedish goSuperModel.

I am a 22 years-old asian girl who studies her 3rd year of business and economics.

Here comes some quick facts about me:

Love 80s rock music

Creative gal 

Love  random models here on gSm!

Born in October

Summer job: Grocery store


Yeah that was what I could come up with at the current moment! Thanks for visiting and welcome back


Don't hesitate to message me! I am always open to talk and get to know new models


//Lisa 46




Q: Can I get a gift?
A: Depends on my mood and my gSm economy...


Q: Can I send you a trade?

A: Sure, go ahead


Q: Will you block me if I send advertisement to you?

A: Nope. 


Come back soon for more Q & A <3