Hi! Nice to meetcha, my name is Lex (he/him), and i'm 26 from the Netherlands. Back on gSm 1.0 I was known as:


- .:.Teddi.:.

- 'Fireheart

- MadAliceOfHearts


What you need to know about me now: I have succesfully completed my law degree, and I work in the insurance business (Very exciting). I work a lot of days and come here on gSm to heal my childhood soul! 


I love Bears, Sunflowers, anything Nintendo related and mostly collecting stuff like Funko pops, Pokémon card and other gaming merch. 

Make my bear real gSm :-(

I was (and hopefully still am) known for my knowledge about items. You'll mostly see me at auctions, trading forums, selling forums etc.


I love anything to do with items, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!