Hi besties welcome on my profile 


My name is Meliha also known as Meli, at the time I'm 22 years old. I was born in Germany and after finish the 12' grade i started to do my PPL (private pilote licence). After my PPL i was more getting interested in engineering, thats why I started to study Industrial and Mechanical engineering.
I'm in a happy relationship since 2019 and we're gettin engaged in January 2023 <3
Im a big Scarlet Witch fan so if u r too, contact me :P

I love to play at the time animal crossing yea thats it i guess


I was on gSm back in the days, and im very excited and happy to be back here.





* How did u make ur profile?
For the design, I was using Photoshop and for the coding i was using the forum of Moon - link is in my goblog bestie


* How did u reach so  fast a high level?

Acutally, before mag trade was forbidden, i was trading like everyone did. After i find out, that mag trade were banned, i started to play Sketzmo. But i recommend u to wait until the other games r out so u dont need to hang on sketzmo a lot of hours.


* Do u sell THE HAIR?

Acutally, the hair, which I'm wearing, is the only color of the hair I got. I tradet w/someone to get this hair, so no, i will not sell or trade the hair im sorry :-(


* Do u trade/sell anything else?

You can always contact me, if u want smth of my wadrobe, but please, if u contact me mention always what price u would offer. I recommend at the moment GoMoney.


* Can we be friends?
ofc we can, but i will accept at the time only the friend requests of the people I know sis