hey i'm a dude who loves beyoncé and if you think she's bad or overrated you should consider deleting your model and changing yourself cause you're most likely racist and ugly oops i said it


age: 19

all-time fav album: lemonade

all-time fav songs: love drought, virgo's groove and blow







woah!!!!! this is what i wanna see!!!!! RENAI-RENAI-RENAI-RENAISSANCE RENAISSANCE!!!!!!!!!!

(still petty about her not releasing any visuals yet but this will do for the meantime)












and yeah i can't do this without including the outro of my name twinnem aka heated aka the best second best song on renaissance after virgo's groove... FAN ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!




tip tip tip on hardwood floors
ten ten ten across the board
give me face face face face yah
your face card never declines my gawd
eat it eat it eat it eat it eat it
mmm yummy yummy yummy make a bummy heated
make a pretty girl talk that sh*tty
whisky 'til i'm tipsy glitter on my kitty

cool it down down down my pretty
ba-bad b*tchy make a bad b*tch glitchy
fine fine fi-fine fi-fine fine fine
liberated living like we ain't got time
yada yada yah yada yada yah yah
yada yada yada bom bom kah kah
blasting on that a** blast on that a**

fan me quick girl i need my glass

fan me off my wrist goes click
dimples on my hip stretch marks on my tits
drinking my water minding my biz
monday i'm overrated tuesday on my d*ck
flip flop flippy flip floppin' a** b*tch
fan me off watch my wrist go click

fan me off i'm hot hot hot
like stolen chanel lock me up in jail
cuff me please 'cause this ain't fair
dripped in my pearls like coco chanel
uncle johnny made my dress
that cheap spandex she looks a mess





one of my fav pics of her ever which somehow reminds me of the song, had this pic inside of my graduation hat to let everyone know who mother is












she invented dancing.

she invented high heels.

she invented being a single lady.












now that you're all the way down here, put some respect on blow aka one of the best pop songs ever made aka track 4 in an album that became one of the best selling female albums in 2013 in less than two weeks and changed the whole way music is distributed... the POWER!!!!!




can you eat my skittles?
it's the sweetest in the middle (yeeeeeaaaaah)
pink is the flavor, solve the riddle (yeeeeeaaaaah)
imma lean back
don't worry it's nothing major
make sure you clean that
it's the only way to get the ... flavor












one of the most iconic moments from the lemonade era (visual-wise)

lemonade is undoubtedly the best album ever and if you haven't listened to it yet i highly recommend you to do so, word to adele it's so monumental and soul baring!!!!!




i hop up off my bed and get my swag on
i look in the mirror, say what's up?
what's up? what's up? what's up?
i hop up off my bed and get my swag on
i look in the mirror, say what's up?
what's up? what's up? what's up?












mother performing love drought (and sandcastles too but this is love drought's moment) at the 2017 grammys, yeah you know just causally doing the award show's most beautiful performance possibly of all time with her BEST SONG EVER while carrying twins




ten times out of nine i know you're lying
but nine times out of ten i know you're trying
so i'm trying to be fair
and you're trying to be there and to care
and you're caught up in your permanent emotions
and all the loving i've been giving goes unnoticed
it's just floating in the air, lookie there
are you aware you're my lifeline are you tryna kill me?

if i wasn't me would you still feel me?
like on my worst day? or am i not thirsty, enough?
i don't care about the lights or the beams
spend my life in the dark for the sake of you and me
only way to go is up, skin thick too tough


'cause you, you, you, you and me could move a mountain
you, you, you, you and me could calm a war down
you, you, you, you and me could make it rain now
you, you, you, you and me could stop this love drought