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                                This is Jupiter









                   i  love:             





         i'm nowhere but floating





                                                                                                                                but I really love the light
                                                                                                                     I hope that's enough








   I inhale


   + exhale

      But that's crazy





          'cause i never actually survived








                                                                                                     I'm quite far away





                 I can't find my Io (fun fact: i gsm-found them)
                    And I miss my Europa






      but i'm full of energy 

        and I see the light







My lacking english skills may drive you crazy, but i'm actually really enjoying this (im the best loser you'll find)
I may not answer if you try to  talk to me :s
Not because i dont like you, but because i just dont know what   or how  to say.

+ i am also the shyest loser you'll find, and i look like this: every time someone says something to me here. then i have no idea what to answer etc i just die.

and in real life, i can't help but smile like a psycho if someone makes eye contact with me. if you know burke ramsey, that awkward smile is 100% me. and it causes misunderstandings. people don't believe i'm sober, or they think that i'm full of myself. but no, i'm just the most awkward and shy person.


however, my brother said jupiter is the planet that best describes me :p


i've also been wondering if those lions from sirius (or originally from lyra i guess) have something to do w my past lives. the sun has come to save me once. u know that gorillaz song? i believe the sun has my back. and of course, it has everyone's back. but it really felt familiar. star energy in general,, feels familiar. okay, yes i know, this all may sound a little weird. but you never know. i'm just interested in random stuff like this.