.......Tom Felton Fani






 Tom Felton Fani (born April 1. 1996) known in real life as Johanna, is a self-employed hairdresser, makeup  artist, baker-confectioner, Tom Felton stan Twitter personality and FBI agent.



 Tom Felton Fani first joined goSupermodel in 2007

 when her friends at school had found the game and started playing it

 and introduced it to Tom Felton Fani.     

 The first year she had a different model but after year of playing the 

Tom Felton Fani                   


        Johanna SHE/HER

        April 1. 1996 (age 27)



           Hairdresser, FBI Agent



 game she decided to make a new model and named it

 Tom Felton Fani after her favourite actor Tom Felton.

 Tom Felton Fani is a huge Harry Potter fan but hates jkr.

 She also has been a Tom Felton stan since 2008 and the

 fangirling is still going strong. Other things she likes are

 Drawing, baking and making Christmas cards.

 Her favorite music is One Direction together and separately,

 5SOS, Michael Jackson, Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran and

 many more artists and bands but she tends to listen podcasts

 and audiobooks more than music.  

Favorite books are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson,

 Karen M. McManus' books and Bridgeton.

 Tom Felton Fani also listens true crime podcasts and books maybe

 little too much. Her favorite games are all Harry Potter ps games and

 The Sims 4 on pc but she only likes to build houses not play the actual  gameOther things Tom Felton Fani likes are Eurovision Song  Contestmusicals, The Walking Dead and the spin-offs, dairy free mint-  chocolate ice cream, boiling hot tea and sleeping.