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I wanted to say something about something I said | Possibly a future JD?


 Greetings! The name is  Marlene.

 And I am a 23 year old Norwegian

 gal (she/her pronouns). And I'm   addicted to yellow redbull and   chocolate milk 


 Known as Bug (previously Ennui)   on virtualpopstarã…¤

 I enjoy playing world of warcraft   and   sometimes some overwatch 2:   Feel   free to add my battletag but   please   send me a gm if you've sent   one so I   can keep track on who is   who ♥  @ Mae#21665


 Another game I may not play as   much currently but absolutely enjoy

 is battlefield 1 and battlefield 5

 Feel free to add me on origin too @MarleyBugz


 Also pls let me know if you happen   to own a Valheim server, I'd love to   play on it! 


 Other games: Skyrim, Fallout New   Vegas, Age of Empires, Warhammer   Vermintide 2, Diablo 2, Wow - wotlk






 I also enjoy listening to music:   Specifically black metal, witch house   and dark wave ♥

 But I enjoy other genres too!


 My profile would not be complete   without me mentioning my cat:

 I have a chubby little bombay and   norwegian forest cat mix named   James. He's got natural corpse paint!