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Feminist literature, coffee, Artemisia Gentileschi, horror, snails,

women's history, baroque, unhinged women characters, The Sims 2, goth, horror punk, atmospheric black metal, cats, art


I pretty much accept every friend request I receive and I'm open to talk over message but I'm terribly slow with my answers. It's nothing personal. 


I'm mostly here because I love the dress up concept, but I'll try and be active in threads as well. Sometimes I get involved in discussions and I'm not afraid to vocie my opinions, but I usually end up too uninterested to continue it or having difficulties to explain myself correctly in English.

My main reason here is usually to take a break from everything else and have a good time with the creativity. 


 Paula Rego – Dog Woman (1994)



I'm @misspiras on IG for gSm related post

& @bareteethandathousandeyes

for sharing my favorite paintings