ᐢᐢ Earth Rabbit 

  Scorpio Aquarius Gemini


Ama lvl24 Norway They/Them 

Neurodivergent Aroace nonbinary 

MBTI: INTJ-A Digital Artist  Gamer

I'm dyslectic, thus why i edit my posts at times! 




Maybe! I don't accept blank friend reqeuests. Write something nice, perhaps something about you! :D


Got any GSM Besties?

Peasley and  Vapor !

I love them so much you have no idea


Can you draw me?

Check my art commission prices by clicking the link above. I do not draw for free, and I'm a bit slow due to fms!


GSM Guest designs?

My wolf designs are official gsm guest designs! I made it for the summer camp design competition 2023 that I and a couple others won. You will be able to obtain them in the future as either a gocode, shop items or as competition prices.


What about your other designs?

The rest of my designs (ex. the fox) are unofficial and just me flaunting my design skills as i love drawing and especially doing pixel art.



Lots! DND, Digital and traditional art, beading, 3d modelling, gamedev, anything artsy! Also watch lots of anime, j/c/kdrama and read comics and help out with furry conventions! I'm currently staff at Furnavia!


Art programs?

Medibang paint pro, procreate, clip studio ex, blender is some of those i use the most.


Why do you draw?

Cuz it's the only thing i live for and it's my hyperfixation. It helps me a lot internally!


Comfort games?

Sky Cotl, Splatoon 3, Genshin, Monster Hunter, Zelda Twilight princess.


Comfort movies/shows

The labyrinth, Bee and puppycat, Kamisama kiss, little witch academia, the dark crystal.


Favorite animals?

Cats, wolves, FOXESsss , clouded leopards and sandcats!


Other questions you want me to add?

Let me know and i might add them here!