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My name is Leia. I'm 23 years old and I study forestry in

university. My minors are computing and philosophy. She/her.

Single with a slowly moribund situationship with a dude.

If I must label myself, I'd say I'm pretty bi-curious.

Agnostic orthodox, who believes in the good in people and

thay there's always a better tomorrow. As long as there's

hope, there's a possibility. Or whatever Leia Organa would say.


I like languages and cultures and I speak Finnish, Swedish,

English, Estonian, German and Russian. I'm not Finnish-Swedish,

but I am... how do you say it, "Hallonbåtsflyktingen" which

translates into Raspberry Boat Refugee, someone in

Finland who wishes they were born to Sweden instead. :-P


I also like physics, math and pretty much any "hard" science.

But I like soft sciences, too! I just love learning and becoming

a better person, whatever that means to you. I want to be a

good one, and I love making new friends. Hit me up! 3 


(You might remember me as Lia Valentina from the Finnish server.

I was the most famous one when the site shut down, plus I roleplayed

Star Wars a lot and spent time on the Uniikkivyöry topics. )


I like the same exact things as I did back in gSm 1.0 and 2012:

Friends, Star Wars, Carrie Fisher, pugs, The Big Bang Theory,

Lady Gaga, Pinterest, watermelon, mushrooms and black clothes.


It is great to have goSupermodel back!


(In the picture, is my dog Remu in 2013. Pretty amazing to

have the same dog I have had before gSm 1.0 even opened.)