jan 17th 2000, they/them, karelian-finnish, queer, autistic


hi, random gsm user!
i am that person with the pink-haired anime girl in all of my forum posts.
you might also recognize me as the person who's always debating politics
and fighting with transphobes. 


i work as a professional illusrator, trying to sell my art and get through
shitty exhibition jurys. so far, it's been a struggle. 


i'm a non-cis gnc lesbian, also known as girlprince. i'm in a very happy and
committed relationship with my american girlfriend who visits me a few 
times every year. 


i'm chronically ill and disabled. i suffer from borderline personality disorder
that was caused by my peers abusing me for over a decade in my childhood.
please keep this in mind while interacting with me.


i'm a huge fan of mahou shoujo anime, japanese street fashion styles like
fairy kei and decora, and the 2000s emo subculture. the two clothing styles
i have are so different you might not even recognize me as the same person.



my two favorite bands are my chemical romance and happoradio. and yes,
aki tykki follows me on instagram. be jealous.


if you want to know more about me, please check my goblog. i'm goblogging
on my goblog every goday.