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Hi & welcome to my profile! 

Eirin | 22 | NO | Bi | She/Her | Cat Mom

Feel free to message me if you also like any of the following things(or if you'd just simply like to chat!!): The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, Dying Light, CoD(zombies), Moomin, Merlin(tv-show), Adventure Time, The Lion King, Brother Bear, Machine Gun Kelly, Kehlani, tattoos, true crime, crystals & cats or pigs(or just animals in general!!).

I currently have friend requests turned off, just to prevent a ton of empty ones, but I'm still very much looking for friends! I'm pretty much always on here or on Discord(Eirin#9248), so again, feel free to message me!

Please feel free to invite me to writing only Sketzmo, but hard words only!

I don't trade magazines anymore, unless we're doing more than 10 or a max of 20. DM if you'd be interested!

Messages with ads and asking for gifts & etc. will be ignored.

The pics on the left are of me & my 7 cats: Mufasa, Anastasia, Nala, Simba, Rani, Sunny & Emrys.