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Leni | 25 | GER | J ♥ | MA public history | vegan #teamtofu | outdoor girl


Hi my dear fellows ♥

My name is Leni and I'm 25 years old. I live in southern Germany where I'm currently aiming for my MA in public history and cultural communication. I do love everything about the past, history and culture. My dream is to become a research assistant at my university and once have an article of mine published by a prestigious history journal. 

In my spare freetime I enjoy reading, listening to music, being creative, thrifting and trying new vegan recipes. But my heart belongs to being in nature. Since my boyfriend J is a wholehearted outdoor boy we normally spend our weekends outdoors hiking, cycling, riding his motor bike, swimming or simply going for walks. I'm also really into bouldering but there's a lot of room for improvement.

I love puzzles (and everything puzzle related), detective stories, embroidery, tea, sushi, potatoes, raspberries, green smoothies, late night swims, Scandinavia, gardening, plants, cats, pigs, short hair, reddish-brown lipsticks, stripy clothes, long trips to my favourite thriftstore, upcycling furniture, Lotr, BBC Sherlock, Professor Layton, Stardew Valley, ATLA... and so much more ♥