My name is Charlie, I'm a 27 year old human.... Thing.

I'm genderfluid and born as female. Pronouns for me doesn't really matter, so feel free to call me whatever you feel like, I won't care as long as you're respecctful.♥

I am currently studying to finish what would be around high school level (HF for the danes). I'm currently not completely sure what to study afterwards yet but I'm quite sure I'm going for some sort of candidate degree, most likely something that has to do with chemistry as I find it insanely fascinating and interesting so far.


I love to style myself both on social platforms like gSm but also in real life. I love alternative fashion styles and always have. I also love to stand infront of a camera and does it ´more or less every time I get the chance to. That's also why I'm modelling even though it's currently only been on TFP basis. My childhood dream was to become a model but for some unfortunate events throughout my life, it never became an opportunity for me to properly pursuede.


I am very open about pretty much everything, so if you want to know anything about me, you're more than welcome to message me as well! I love to chat and if there's any questions I don't wish to answer or don't know how to answer, I am more than capable of letting you know.


Other than that, if you managed to get this far, thank you and I hope to hear from you!

Have an amazing day and remember: Love yourself because no matter what and how you may feel, you're the most precious person you know.♥


- Alice in Wonderland - The nightmare before Christmas - Corpse bride - Dune.


- Wednesday - Modern family - Buffy the vampire slayer - Angel - BoJack Horseman - Supernatural.

- Violet Evergarden - Fullmetal alchemist - Death parade - Attack on titan.


- Blackbriar - Ice nine kills -Citizen soldier - Alestorm - Gloryhammer - Rumahoy -

Red Warszawa - Powerwolf - Bring me the horizon - Falling in reverse - Jinjer - Unlucky morpeous - Red - Slipknot - Nightwish - Evanescene - Skillet - NF - Ashnikko - SKÁLD - Vanir.


- Hearthstone - The room - Diablo 3 - Diablo 4 - Life is strange - Colouring game - Bloons.


- Personal instagram: @tattednonsense

- Modelling instagram: @tattedtjarlay