Hi, I'm Moomin
Welcome to my profile.

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This is Snufkin, the wandering philosopher.
He finds joy in nature, loves his harmonica, and is the essence of freedom.
When he visits, it's always a time of joy and adventure.

Sniff is quite a character. He's always on the lookout for treasure and adventure, even if he
tends to be a bit more cautious.

He's got a nose for finding things, and he's part
of our quirky little family!

Oh, Little My! She's a firecracker, full of spirit and spunk. She's small but fierce, and her unpredictable nature keeps us all on our toes.
Little My adds a dash of excitement to Moominvalley and a touch of chaos to our adventures. We wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you enjoyed the short cloud ride
with me and my friends!

Have a lovely day!!