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I'm the finest fish in the sea. // DM me if you want link to vine-quote gotest.


Hi! Thanks for dropping by my profile. <3 My name is Ingrid, and i'm a 25 year old girl from Norway. She/Her. I spend most of my free-time watching television shows and chillin on my computer. At this point, there is an imprint of my butt in every corner of my sofa. Apart from Tv-shows, i'm also really passionate about music, movies, boardgames, gaming, gSm, shopping and i love a nice wine-night with friends. I'm also really interested in memes and vines, and Eurovision Song Contest. I could literally talk about these topics all day long, so dont be scared to message me! On GoSupermodel i spend my time hanging out in the forums, making looks and building my wardrobe and getting to know new people. I truly am so glad that gSm is back! <3

If you are interested in ANY of the following things, you MUST hit me up for a chat! 

- Top Model - Harry Potter - LOTR - Minecraft - Apex Legends - Boardgames - New Girl - Modern Family - TV-shows (in general) - ESC - 

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PS: I do not accept friend requests without some conversation first :-I




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