my profile is ugly and i know it<3






Currently listening to the fourth song on Juicy by Silly Fools





23, she/her, Norway

Same username as before, because I couldn't fathom playing gosupermodel and not being called mia 49. Would've been too weird. I used to read a lot of stories on here, and the era of tokio hotel fanfiction around 2010 was my heyday . It was my first encounter with fan culture and it literally altered my brain chemistry and the course of my life, so. I also hung out a lot in a club called Angel Wings. If any of you recognize me from back in the day please add me!!

These days I'm really into various tv-shows, I like books, and I love music and make an effort to listen to lots of different stuff.<3

Currently obsessed with Jeff Satur etc., so if the words 'wuju bakery' mean anything to you, add me!





(btw I don't accept empty friend requests from people I've never interracted with, but other than that I'm very friendly<33)