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Selling 100 diamonds, dm if interested | I don't trade magz first.




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ask to trade magazines, I have 8.

About me

INFJ-T | Cancer | Emo | Lazy artist

Pronouns: They/Them | Bday: July 5th '97 


Likes: Gaming, horror, body mods, art, anime, music, the color green, gloomy bear & monster energy.


Artists & Bands: Pierce The Veil, Bring Me the Horizon, Spiritbox, CORPSE, Slipknot, Lil Peep, Shady Moon, Joji, ilyaugust, Dayseeker, 1nonly, The Home Team, Banshee, Sleep Token, Bad Omens, Motionless In White.


Profile credits: Pixel sprite is by Mikah, Layout artwork is by me & Layout + coding is by Natriumkarbonaatti.


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