garbage's content
Pure of heart, dumb of ass.Follow my instagram @ gosupercursed


akinominator: DONT become friends with this sick and twisted person. she has told me ghastly things that my young virgin ears will never forget. LMFAO 


TrineLouise: Expect talk about dead animals, and facts about animals that you have never heard off


alpakagirl: Ive never met a person who knows more about animals than she does. Just get ready for some really random animal facts (and I promise you, you don't want to know 90% of them). But I love my Gary for this.


louise58: if you become friends with gary u should know that besides the weird and disturbing animal facts, gary is kinda amazing. ily


Nigiri: I would describe you as a nice and funny person and really like doing bingo's with you!


Tyskie: Gary is the best person I've ever met!! I can't imagine my life without here! Hands down to my BFF! Gary, I love you so much awwwwwww gary i knew u are nice and cute and sweet and kind


a cool skeleton: am i appalled or allured by garbage? both. it's like sometimes when you go to take the trash out and you open the lid of the container; the garbage truck just emptied it yesterday, so it's almost empty, and the neighbors trash at the bottom is still fresh from this morning. a sweet odor rises to your nostrils as you hold the lid open to throw your own bag in. you don't inhale it actively because you understand cognitively that the fumes could contain spores and parasites and mold particles, and god only knows what - but you don't mind how the gentle stench traces your skin and coats the inside of your nostrils without active inhalation. that's how i feel about garbage. i love you


Browse: gary gary gary.
her ass so hairy
and her farts smells like shit
but shes too scared to admit
her name isnt actually gary
but still i want to marry

her stinky, smelly, hairy ass
makes everyone go "yassssss"


snigel:  best garbage, 10/10 would recommend   CLICK HERE


albertesalli: I just love you Gary! You're the sweetest


milne: you know like every dog breed and i would like to challenge you to a dog breed contest some time


soffa: garbage is a very good person! one of my favourite people on gsm!! i love giving garbage gifts and spoiling her bc she is the best


Your Best Friend: garbage? More like garbagefire. You're chaotic and I love you