Liv • 23 • Denmark • Pan-sexual • Cognitive Data Science

♥️ Autism ♥️

Gaming • BDSM • Arts & Crafts • Cooking • Neuroscience • Dancing


I do volunteer work in various parts of the Danish BDSM community, and I would love to answer any questions you have, anywhere from "What is a flogger?", or "How do I find nice events?" to "Is BDSM just rich older men abusing young women?" (It's not!)




❤️ I have autism (among other things). 

I get misunderstood a lot, and I am sorry in advance for the inconveniences it may cause.
I do not intend to ever be offensive on this site.

If I said something that offended you, it was most likely a misunderstanding,

and I will gladly talk to you about it, so we can help me help you understand what I meant. ❤️