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I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size zero.” - Sophia Loren 1965.



I'm 24 yo Finnish shopaholic, who has a dark and dirty sense of humor, loves food more than life itself and does anything and everything for the people i care about. I love helping people 


My free time i spend at home watching Netflix and Disney or go out with my friends.


I Love travelling, painting, rain and thunder and last but not least, cars/driving... driving is a hobby of mine
My car is basically my girlfriend!
Any car people here?


I like summer and fall, sleeping and partying, fries and tacos, baking and cooking (even tho i'm not good at it lol), shopping and beauty and music ofc


Send me a friend request if you have similar interests and tell me something about yourself


Btw, how awesome is it, that gosu is back


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