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♡ Send me a Sketzmo if you want to play 4 real and draw - no matter the skill level ♡ ❀




Hello and welcome  

My name is Angelica, I'm 25 y/o from Sweden. 

I work as a restaurant manager and study in a leadership academy - which I looove! Maybe I love what I do a liiiittle too much and some might say that I'm a workaholic :p 

I spend most of my days working and the part I love the most is seeing people grow and help to motivate them  


I'm working on having more free time - gSm is a perfect place for me, where I can focus on something else than the next project I want to get going! 

I also work a lot on myself and my mental health, I draw and do some snail mail. 

As often as I can I spend time with my family and friends - there's nothing I do enjoy more than laughing and making people feel good


Please feel free to send me DM or a friend request if you feel like we would hit it off - 

I'm always looking for new friends. 

I hope you have the best day - you deserve it  

And if not, remember - it's a bad day not a bad life