You have entered the realm of Ruttakan!

Warning for those wanting to proceed; If you do, you might not want to leave, do so at your own discretion.


By coming here I guess you are trying to find out who you are dealing with. Well, you are in the right place so take your time in the dream that I've created and take a look around. You may find something you are interested in...


Psst... I've added a sheet that the organization made of me. I've found it very funny to read!

Basic Stats:


Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: 161cm (Caution: Might be small but can easily drag you down to her level)

Weight: 66kg

Nationality: Finnish

Primary weapon: Her innocent looks might render you careless

Appearance: Red hair, green eyes, slim face with traits of a scandinavian wood elf. Can usually be seen wandering with a disguise, looking like a normal person.


Here is a list of things you can lure her with:

-Weird comics she refers to as "manga" or a "blood of life". Her favorite type is something called "yaoi."

-You can invite her for a "roleplay". We think this is a code for something

-Sweets like chocolate or ice cream

-Cats (has been heard whispering odd things to them)