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im not claustrophobic, i just prefer to live outside the box


Hello there handsome.

Fancy seeing you here.


Jennifer, 25 years old and living on a farm up in the north of Sweden with my husband surronded by our horses, chickens and bunnies (with a dream of having sheeps and pigs one day ). We also have three indoor kitties and a dalmatian. Soooo a heart full of furbabies and a life full of dirt, hard work and dramatic youngsters. I love it. (even if they litterary eat up my money)


We moved to our current farm in the summer of 2021 so it's still under renovation and it's a lot of fixing to do - but it's such a blast. I love it all, from changing a frikking pipe to choosing wallpapers or planning the garden. Wouldn't trade it for the world so don't believe me the days I say that I would. I'm just tired lol.


I accept most friend requests, especially if you'd like to chat