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My name is Klaudia and I am 24 years old. Last year I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Contemporary Publishing, which can only indicate that I love books and would like to publish my novel and a book of poetry in the future. In my free time I knit sweaters and review books on instagram. I am a little creator.
My husband and I are raising a cat - Flash, and we live in this little chaos.


As a child, I had the pleasure of being on the Polish gosupermodel server in 2011-2013 (10 years ago!). I was the 3rd most famous journalist there, I mainly created comics at that time. After the closure of, I started a blog dedicated to the Polish server. My name then was Kladzia.

I'm currently trying to find my place here in our new community.


I don't accept empty requests -> I'd love to meet you, write to me!


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