Hello, I'm Jing-o-Jang from the Swedish server! 

I'm a 27 year old preschool teacher and you can call me Jing as I don't want to give out my real name here anymore because of past experiences. 


On the Swedish server I was a Focus member! I have years under my belt there and therefor know a thing or two so if you wonder about something, just send a DM and I'll respond as fasr as I can! 


As I work with children between 1 to 5 i naturelly don't take any BS but it dosent mean I'm mean. I just won't accept any BS treatment. 


I'm still into cosplay and I'm competing in it so links to where you can find my cosplays will soon be added! I have permission to share them since I don't give out personal information as it's under an alias. 


Hope you have a great day!