Welcome to my Profile!


My name is Dina, and I am a super enthusiastic Frontend Developer with a strong passion for design and user experiences.


I love being creative, like drawing, designing, sewing and crafting, as well as playing lots of different games like Monster Hunter, Elden Ring, Pokémon, A little to the Left, and most recently; Ghostwire: Tokyo and Shadow of the Colossus! 


You're most likely to find me lurking in the Your Ideas forum, in positivity forums and in my friends' forums!





As a Focus Group Member

Do you have an idea, some feedback or maybe just want to have a chat? Send me a goMessage! 



What is the Focus Group?

- The Focus Group is a group of volunteers on goSupermodel that helps out with various tasks divided into 3 groups. The User Response Hub, the User Engagement Hub and the Creative Guild.


Which hubs are you part of?

- I am mainly part of the User Response Hub and The Creative Guild.


What is the User Response Hub?

- The User Response Hub gathers ideas and feedback on how to improve the website, whether this be an amazing idea on how to improve an existing feature, new features, or feelings you have about a situation. We are here to be representatives of the userbase, and to listen to you!


What is the User Engagement Hub?

- The User Engagement hub plans events, hosts competitions and makes gSm a fun place to stay!


What is the Creative Guild?

- The Creative Guild makes various graphics for gSm, such as front page billboards, goPack illustrations, backgrounds, stickers, event related graphics and much more!


How do you join the Focus Group?

- When they search for new members there will be a news post about it. When I joined I made an application from the information provided, sent an e-mail with my PDF attached and was one of the 17/341 applicants to get chosen. I didn't get chosen the first time they searched for members, so don't give up if you really want to join!

Other questions? Send a goMessage!