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Pick some stuff from my wardrobe before I delete this model, once I have the time I’ll gift them 2



Hi, I'm Lumpy Space Princess, but because I know we're all super lazy, I'll allow lsp or lumpy. My first account on goSupermodel I made back in March 2010 and a lot of time has passed. I met some wonderful people here ten years ago who are still my friends today:

 Evo & reikat 


But since the relaunch, I have also found other wonderful people I enjoy talking to and I'm happy to see that genuine friendships are very much still a real thing on here.


In my free time I love to watch funny tv shows, play games on the ps or switch, at some point I enjoyed crocheting, I wanted to learn how to play the bass and oh well, my hobbies basically change with every full moon lmao. 

I like music too (duh!), my favorite bands are All Time Low, A Day To Remember, 5sauce and I'm currently exploring AFI & In Flames.


I love to talk to all kinds of people, so don't hesitate to send me a message!