Hey, I'm nariyae but you can call me Nari or Susu <3



21 | Finland | she/her 

♡ AFS exchange student in the Philippines 2018-2019

♡ Typology: INFJ 4w5 so/sp 495 IEI RLOAI Melancholic-Phlegmatic

♡ Astrology: Aquarius Sun & Moon, Virgo rising

♡ Hobbies: Writing, reading, typology, Kpop

♡ Ult Kpop groups: SNSD, ONEWE, SHINee, f(x), ONEUS

Ult biases: Hyoyeon, Sulli, Shin Jiyoon & Kino

Semi ults: Woodz & Wheein


If you want to know more about typology, please check this out: