German but living in The Netherlands


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I am Paula, 22, and a German Potato. I study and live in the Netherlands for about 3 years now. Currently, my bf and

I are busy making our first 'real' home really ours - we just moved in with our kitties! ❁

Some of my hobbies are: Taking walks in the nature, going to the Gym, watching Movies and TV Shows, playing Gsm ofc, cooking, baking 

I always have an open ear, not just for my friends. So, if you ever feel down or just need sb to talk to, hit me up ♥


☁ In case you want to be my friend, start chatting with me first. I will ignore and/or reject empty friend requests ☁

⚠ Disclaimer: At the beginning I will be actively writing, but with the time it will become less. I am sorry for that, but I just sometimes have

phases in where I am just active here for playing and forums - it is not bc of you!