Hi! Im Elijah, 24 year old enby from Finland. Formelly known as loveta10 in Finnish gsm servecrs. I'm currently student and planning to become videogame dev. I spent most of my time playing videogames, but currently GSM is taking lot of that time away. I also write, draw, read and collect MH dolls and pokemon cards.  I have habit of getting obsessed over stuff to easily and talking lot if into subject.

I love talking to people in gsm and getting know y'all!

Pls dont sent empty friend request.

I play lot of games

on playstation and

firever favorite series

will be Dragon Age.
Other games love are

Pokemon, Mass Effect,

Horizon ZD/FW, Hades,

Skyrim, Fallout, Zelda,

Arkham series, Gotham

Knights, CP77, Resident

Evil  and lot other.