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26 years old/Denmark

Masters degree in communication

☼ Scorpio ☾ Libra ↑ Capricorn

Those were the basics. Good.

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♥ Amature cook

♥ Film-enthusiast

♥ Meme-appreciater

♥ Self-care practioner

♥ Dog person

♥ Music lover

♥ Crystal collector

♥ Anxious/slow texter



























Currently listening to:

♥ The Cure

♥ Arctic Monkeys

♥ The Beatles

♥ Radiohead

♥ Fleetwood Mac

♥ The Velvet Underground

♥ Alex Turner

♥ David Bowie

♥ Stevie Wonder

♥ Donald Cummings

♥ The Virgins

♥ Catfish and the Bottlemen

































Other interests/hobbies:

♥ Astrology

♥ Working out

♥ Stargazing

♥ Watching slow tv<3

♥ Creative hobbies. Just started knitting and water colouring

♥ HP and PJO universes





Currently watching:

♥ Supernatural

♥ Teen Wolf (rewatch)

♥ RPDR (8th rewatch or something hihi<3)

♥ Kurs mod fjerne kyster (lol elsker)










Hi. You made it to the bottom. Well done.

Feel free to add me if we have somehting in common. I like cool people.