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Hello! My name is Cindy, and I have a lot going on in my life atm but I hope It will all turn out for the better. I'm trying to get a Gastric Bypass because, I having a lot of issues with my body and I dont feel happy with who I am and how I look now. I'm a mom aswel and I just wanna do stuff with my son without bening tired or pushing myself everytime because I can't handle it. I will hear soon if I have green light or not. 


I'm always open for chatting with new people so don't bescared to mail me, because I love talking and make some new friends maybe! :D 


I love to make people happy by giveaway gm,dias,vip, ect... So in the month of December there is a Chistmas advent calendar going on, and I will try the do this every year if money let me do this of course. Because if I don't have enough ingame money or real money to spent to get in game money then I can't giveaway much sadly enough. But I will try my best! But you can join the club because on the topics in the club you will see the days of the calendar! CAC club. Also when december is done I will turn this club in to my giveaway club, only it will not be daily but, weekly if i can. Gonna try my best.


I'm also always looking for SG so if you wanna sell yours, just mail me and let me know. Then I gonna check if I can buy them, only in the month of dec I need to wait untill the CAC is over.


I also have a gsm insta where I post updates over gsm with my friend! Check it out and follow pls, I will follow back of course.


I have made a few goTests! Do you wanna test if you have a gsm addiction? Or if you are a Chirstmas person or not?