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panic attack, the backing track, a background hum, for cerebellum

Spending days in self-medicating
Lost too much weight
Unpleasant aftertaste

We think the same, play different games
Since I like to refuse, hope you blink before I do
Then pray and pray that you'll go and do it anyway



My mental illness is suddenly cured because gosu came back <3



 23 yrs



 no.1 'You'll Understand When You're Older' and 'Cause for Concern' defender

 'All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From the Vault)', Midnights, evermore, Lover & 1989 (Taylor's Version) vaults swiftie <3

 non-binary lesbian <3


 my newest GoTest <3

 are you like c'est moi ?


 stream 'Normal People Things' babes

 stream "Wake up & It's Over" by Lovejoy




















































































You rub the makeup off my neck
That I was using to hide the stubble rash
I gave myself while shaving
Yes, it's probably a razor thing but honestly, it's harmless
And I refuse to let the sensitive skin win