Its good to be back :)

Used to be: Sasia Sol 90 on the old Danish GSM server

I grew up with theis site, and I as many others was crushed when I leaned that GSM was closing...

It's amazing to see it back, it still miss a few things, but eles it's as I remember it

 Roles on GSM Discord:

(Just because I thought it could be fun to share, so you could get to know a bit more about me, while I work on what eles to pun on here )

* From Denmark

* She/Her pronouns

* Gemini (Gemini sun, Cancer moon, Aquarius rising (for them interested in knowing it))

* INTJ (according to the test, they have put there)

* Ravenclaw (and proud of it)

* Vintage collector

* Wardrobe Hoarder

* Big spender

* Forum Lurker

* Hugger

* Designer Dream

* Flying Pig Trauma (I can't count on how many times they have scared me in the past and they somehow still manage to do it...specially the invisible once)

* GSM Gamer

* Memory Whiz

* Backstage Manager

* Dancing star




still under constitution