You look familiar, have we met?

Probably! You might know me as...
• Jane Valley ( & Momio) 
• Kernladungszahl / Air (VirtualPopstar)


Are you selling things / looking for your WL?
I'd rather buy than sell, but feel free to get in touch anytime. (:


Sure, but please write me a message first and tell me a bit about yourself.




  The Queen 


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   Hi, it's me, Sparks. 
- full time hobby hoarder, overthinker and oversharer -

I'm a 27yo whirlwind from Germany who fills her days with writing an ominous masters' thesis in communication science, working on freelance graphic design, research projects or discovering a new passion every week. 


Honesty and respect are very important to me - on this basis, I am always happy to exchange ideas, preferably at night when I have a lot of chaotic, creative energy.

I'm fascinated by aesthetics, shapes and fontfaces and i'm passionate about (vegan) cooking, scuba diving, rock climbing, mushroom picking and yoga.

Meet me in the forums or shoot me a message, it takes me a while to reply but i would love to get to know you. ❤


Cancer ☼ Gemini ☾ Libra ⬆