Sandra, 23, Norway ☀ virgo ☾ gemini ⤊ gemini


hello babes, it feels unreal to be back and I cant wait to create more content & enjoy this site once again with all my queens<3 I am the mother and owner of Coven Lunatic, a witchshop and community in Oslo (NO) that I run together with my goldflower Nelly and I live there with my two cats Skye & Moon! I like to focus my life on different aesthetics and I like to express myself creatively in different ways like graphic design, pictures, outfits and interior design. Besides being a witch who enjoys working with herbs, astrology, tarot & crystals, am I also a booknerd who reads especially a lot of fantasy romance, I love cozy games like animal crossing, zelda & pokemon, and normally find a new obsession/hobby every couple of months lmao, dont be scared to send a dm, would love to get to know more of you <3 xoxo