Status: TAU, 23 years old, kidneys failing and still SLAYING !! 












Ciao! You may call me Tomie, I'm a 23 year old goth btch from Sweden. I work as a truck mechanic and a tattoo artist on the side. On my free time I enjoy anything art-related, playing videogames, programming (self-taught), watching movies and drinking coffee. I play Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, League of Legends and Apex Legends as of right now. On gSm I mostly lurk the forums, style my model, code and design profile layouts or cry at WC. I'm an OG from the Swedish server.





This layout was made and coded by me.


I make custom layouts like this if you want one for yourself!

I take 2.500gM for one with still pictures or 4.000gM for a GIF layout! I can also do gM & DM mixes, send me a message pm for that. 

Prices may vary depending on how complicated you want it. 







Friends:  Air, Alinka, Moon, Mikah, Punkt ♥