Let's write out the trad stuff first, Elin 24 from Sweden

As almost everyone else I played this way to much when I was younger and am so excited to have it back. Name was There on the swedish gSm but I don't really think anyone know who I was(little shy girl that tried way to hard at being someone they weren't) For the past years I've been playing WoW Classic on EU Gehennas Server and it's basically all I do. Got two cats that are poop masters and also a boyfriend I give hugs and kisses to.

I remember when I was young and couldn't code and was always jealous of all these amazing profiles. So since I couldn't code I went into Paint on the computer and tried to make something awesome there(tried). I still don't know how to code so probably gonna go visit Paint again soon. 

That's a little about me now I'm gonna go eat McDonalds with my bf at past midnight otay byeeee